At Foresight Multimedia, we start with the premise of creating video pieces for the sole purpose of perpetuating good ideas. That can take multiple forms – from the work of non-profits, to companies, to a community movement. We offer award-winning, high quality, documentary-style promotional video work that can range from a 30 second spot on your website to a full length DVD production.

We have a unique ability to perceive and capture the essence of a client’s business or non-profit. We connect deeply and immediately with the people involved with an organization, all the way from the CEO to a ten-year-old child participant. Most people look for and expect their lives to be improved in one way or another. Because of this, we know that people are eager to tell their story – the story of how their lives are changed or improved by the work of the business or organization that has had a positive impact on them. The key is to create situations where those individuals are comfortable with telling and inspired to tell their story.

We see video as the most effective medium for sharing good ideas. Let us work to share yours.